Mimas Helpdesks

We provide specialist support for end users of our services and projects.

Service helpdesks

Please contact the appropriate Mimas service helpdesk for assistance or to report any problems:

Mimas helpdesk

For general support and help, including course bookings, please contact the Mimas Helpdesk:

All queries will be entered in a Helpdesk system and those which cannot immediately be answered will be routed to the appropriate person.

Please describe complex and service-specific queries in an email message so that our specialist staff have all the information they need. Progress of queries through the Helpdesk system is monitored daily.

Local support

Each institution has a local Mimas representative (or Site Rep) who will be able to deal with queries about registration and provide some general information about Mimas services.

In addition, there are local technical contacts for many of the services such as CrossFire and ESDS International.

If you need any further information, please email the Mimas Helpdesk.