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*What's new* - WoK 5 and Intro to Bib Metrics - UK Regional Courses

This training session will include an update on new features added to Web of Knowledge and in addition, participants will be able to find out about the new version, Web of Knowledge 5.0 which is currently still in development. The training will also include an introduction to the Biosis Citation Index through WOK 5 and an introduction to Bibliometrics. *All class attendees will be entered into a free draw for a chance to win an iPod Shuffle at each course.*


New Features of Web of Knowledge

Biosis Citation Index in Web of Knowledge 5.0

Web of Science in Web of Knowledge 5

Introduction to using Bibliometrics for Research Evaluation

Who is this course for?

These courses are for library and support staff. As this is not an introductory course previous experience of the databases is advised.

Course materials and format.

The workshops will combine a mixture of presentations and structured hands-on practical sessions; in addition there will be opportunities for attendees to ask questions and provide feedback.

When and where.

For details of venues and dates available please go the Mimas site at: http://support.mimas.ac.uk/courses/calendar/. . Places can be booked online on the Mimas booking form.

An Introduction to Mimas Bibliographic Services

This is an overview course providing a basic introduction to a range of Mimas’ resource discovery tools and includes the opportunity for hands-on.

Ideal for:

During the day, the following services will be covered:

Who is the course for?

This course is for academics, researchers, postgraduate students, librarians and support staff within Higher and Further Education. Some experience of using a web browser will be useful for the practical exercises.

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Introduction to the ESDS International (Half day)

ESDS International, a specialist data service of the Economic and Social Data Service, provides online access to the major databanks produced by international governmental organisations such as the World Bank and United Nations.

This course, aimed at postgraduate students, researchers, data librarians and teaching staff from the social sciences, will provide an in depth guide to the resources within ESDS International, with particular emphasis on the service's extensive data portfolio. Attendees will be introduced to the structure, content and research potential of the international databanks and gain practical experience in accessing, exploring and visualising the data using Beyond 20/20 and CommonGIS in hands-on sessions.

A brief overview of the Economic and Social Data Service as a whole is also included on this course.

Materials: PowerPoint slides, handouts and workbooks on international data.

Combining Census Aggregate Statistics with Digital Boundary Data for Mapping and Spatial Analysis

UK Censuses provide an unrivalled source of contemporary and historical demographic and socio-economic information, available with complete UK coverage at a range of geographical scales down to small local areas. Census information has a vast range of actual and potential uses, both on its own, and in conjunction with information from other sources.

The course begins with a brief overview of the wide range of information and resources available from the units of the ESRC Census Programme , and then focuses on the census aggregate statistics, the most widely used component of the census outputs, available from the Census Dissemination Unit (CDU), and the digital boundary data (DBD) used for computer mapping and spatial analyses, available from UKBORDERS.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed primarily at postgraduates, researchers, teaching staff and data librarians, and consists of a mixture of presentations and supervised practicals including exercises. It aims to be flexible enough to accommodate the particular interests of attendees, while providing answers to common questions such as:

Places can be booked from the calendar page.

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